tallit sets the perfect gift for major life milestones

Tallit Sets – The Perfect Gift for Major Life Milestones

The tallit have a long rich history in the Jewish religion. Directed by the bible to attach tassels to the corners of clothing as a way of remembering God’s commandments, the tallit was developed soon after to help believers keep the law. Tallit sets are great gifts to give to commemorate those special milestones Jewish men and women pass in their lives. Most receive their first tallit at their bar or bat mitzvah in celebration of their assent into adulthood. Weddings are another favorite time to give this religious item.

Tallit sets include the tallit, a bag and a kipah. Most sets are created by designers and come in a variety of colors and styles. This allows the receiver to add a little fashion to their daily prayer ritual. If you are giving the set as a bar or bat mitzvah gift, it is important that you give one that is appropriate to the size of the child. Even though they are entering puberty, an adult tallit will be too big and may overwhelm the child’s small frame. Also, be sure to take the child’s personal taste into consideration. Not every girl wants pink flowers so take a little time to assess the young teen’s usual dress to get ideas about the type of design they may like.

Most people have multiple tallit sets so don’t worry if your gift is one of many. After all, they need something to wear while their tallit is being cleaned. If you are giving tallitot as a wedding gift, giving a set to both the bride and groom in their wedding colors makes a nice gift. One thing to be careful of is making sure that the happy couple belong to a non-Orthodox congregation that allows women to wear tallit. Some Orthodox congregations frown severely on women wearing prayer shawls believing it to be garments strictly for men. Avoid embarrassment by double checking their affiliation.

Tallit sets can be found in any store that specializes in selling Judaica products. The internet is also a great place to look and offers more variety than can be found in a local store. The nice thing about ordering online is that products can be sent directly to the recipient. If you are not able to make the special event, you will still be able to send a nice gift without having to worry about packing and shipping. The best gifts are the ones that are as nice to give as they are to receive.

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