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Many synagogues will have a rack of tallitot available for people to use during worship. Even so, it is a good idea to have your own tallit since it must be worn during weekday morning prayers, Shabbat and holidays. Most Jewish men and women (if their congregation permits) receive their first tallit at their bar or bat mitzvah. If you find yourself in need of another one or you are a new convert looking to purchase your first tallit there are a couple of places where you can buy tallit and other Judaica products.

The first place to look would be in predominantly Jewish neighborhoods. Areas that are majority Jewish generally will have shops, markets and stores that cater to the specific needs of the Jewish community. Going to a local store is great because you are able to speak to a knowledgeable shopkeeper about the products you want to buy. Taking a drive out to a place you are familiar with will generally lead you to a few stores where you can buy tallit. If you don’t know of any, check the paper or online phone book for local listing. Alternatively, asking a Rabbi or other Jewish men and women will usually net you a few referrals.

Another good place to buy tallit is over the internet. The internet is a convenient way to shop for everything you need. Since the internet never closes, you can shop for products any time of the day. Many times you can find Judaica products for less money than you will in the store. Because everyone the world over is selling their wares online, you have access to a much larger selection than a brick and mortar store can provide. Lastly, your purchases will be delivered right to your door so you can save both time and gas.

The only drawback to shopping online is that you cannot touch the products. Most online shopkeepers will provide pictures which are okay for some products such as tallit or a menorah. However, other products, like tefillin, really should be purchased in person. It comes in different grades and sizes and you really want to try them on before you buy one. If need be, it is perfectly alright to buy tallit and other products online. Finding places to purchase what you need to practice your faith is pretty simple. Just be persistent and you’ll have a favorite place to go in no time.

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