Tel Aviv Needs Public Transportation on Shabbat

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Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai is joining calls to operate public transportation on Shabbat. In a status published on his Facebook page he wrote: Israel is the only state in the world where for a quarter of the days in every year there is no public transportation on holidays and Shabbat.

“We must ask ourselves – what does a person who can’t afford to buy a car and wants to visit his family or go to the beach do?”

Huldai declared that the current situation, side by side with the lack of an efficient public transportation system “damages the proper development of the State and the public’s ability to give up their expensive and polluting private vehicles.”

He believes there is one target to point fingers at – the Transportation Ministry: “The ministry is the body responsible for public transportation. I expect the ministry and the government to listen to the voice of the public and operate public transportation on weekends and holidays.”


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