Women-Only Paramedic Course in J’lem

A new initiative in Israel’s ultra-Orthodox sector sees haredi women in Jerusalem learning first aid in order to cater to the needs of women giving birth who feel uncomfortable being treated by male paramedics for modesty reasons.

A meeting attended by several women from the sector recently concluded with a decision to open a unique course for 50 women, who would learn – free of charge – how to care for women in the process of childbirth on their way to the hospital.

In recent years, as a result of the growing number of voluntary rescue organizations, male paramedics are called to care for women giving birth. The situation has created confusion in the haredi sector, which has strict modesty rules, as most of the volunteers know the women they are treating.

The women trained as paramedics in the new course will be required to be on-call once every fortnight, and will be tasked with escorting the women in an ambulance to the hospital, in order to avoid male presence in the area.

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