Court Seeks Clarification on Egged Ads’ Exclusion of Women

Some three and a half months after they filed a petition with the High Court of Justice against the Transportation Ministry, police, Egged Bus Company and Cnaan Media PR – the court on Sunday served an order ruling that the State must, within 30 days, provide the court with an explanation as to why it does not stipulate that licenses for operating public transportation will only be issued to companies that avoid activities that may include gender-based discrimination.

The court also demanded that the State offer clarification on why it does not impose real sanctions on Egged when it goes against basic constitutional principles.

The petition was filed by a number of Jerusalem residents and the “Yerushalmim” movement after a social campaign they launched was not published on Egged busses. The petition claimed that the PR company refused to present the campaign over fears they would lead extremist haredi factions to vandalize the property.


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