Reform, Conservative Rabbis to Receive State Funding

Rabbis of conservative and reform communities will be recognized as official rabbis by the state, and will enjoy the same funding as orthodox rabbis who are appointed by the Chief Rabbinate.

The road to state funding was paved after the state and reform movement representatives reached an understanding in a petition which was filed in 2005.

An announcement presented by the State Prosecutor’s Office to the High Court with regards to the petition on funding equality for non-orthodox rabbis stated that the disagreements between the reform movement and the State were at an end – with the State agreeing to define the spiritual leaders as “rabbis of non-orthodox communities” rather than “just” “community leaders.”

When the petition was filed, the court sent both sides to mediation – without the court’s involvement. The State, which at first was opposed to the reform movement’s demands, agreed to offer funding several years ago – but the reform movement refused to remove the petition due to disagreements over the definition of their rabbis.


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