Steps to Becoming a Jewish Scribe

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The job of a Jewish Scribe or Sofer is to transcribe Torah scrolls and other religious writings. Becoming a Sofer is not an easy job and requires a lot of extensive training and great skills. A Jewish Scribe must be a God-fearing person and should be faithful to the holiness of the Torah.

  • A Sofer must be a practicing Jew, meaning, he should observe the Jewish laws. He should keep kosher, observe Shabbat and must be prayerful.
  • He must possess good traits and should serve as a good example to the Jewish community.
  • To be a Sofer, you have to be proficient in two areas of study - halakha and practical. Learn Calligraphy as well as Rabbinic Hebrew.
  • Learn from an experienced Scribe in your community.
  • The work of a Jewish Scribe can be meticulous, thus, requiring lots of patience. A person wanting to become a Scribe must develop his patience.
  • Don’t just familiarize yourself with the laws of safrut. Make it a part of your system. As a Sofer, you are expected to be well versed in hundreds of laws and should know how to apply them.
  • Upon completing your training course, you should get your certification.

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