Kosher Wine 101: How to Choose Kosher Wine

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Kosher wine is a kind of wine produced according to strict rabbinical supervision. Generally known for its sweet taste, Kosher wine nowadays is offered in different variations (dry wines, dessert wines, and brandies). For a wine to be kosher, one has to consider  strict regulations based on Jewish dietary laws.

  1. When choosing Kosher wine, check for the hechsher (seal of approval) from an organization or a posek (a decision maker of Jewish law). This is the quickest and easiest way to determine a Kosher wine.
  2. The kashrut laws with regard to wine-making is more concerned with who handles the wine during the production process. A Sabbath-observant Jew must be involved in wine-making. Choose a wine that is labeled mevushal (cooked or boiled). Jewish laws stipulate that a wine made using this process  retains its religious purity regardless of who opens and pours it.
  3. Make sure that your chosen Kosher wine conforms to kosher agricultural laws. No animal products must be utilized during the production. In addition, a certain amount of the wine must be discarded as a symbolic offering.
  4. It is best to pick two kinds of wine for the Sabbath or any other holidays. A sweet wine is best served at the end of the Kiddush ceremony,  and a regular wine for the festive meal.
  5. A dessert wine or brandy goes well with dessert. However, it is always important to make sure that it is manufactured following strict Kosher laws.

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