Kosher Chocolate – Is Kosher Chocolate as Good as Non Kosher?

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For many years people have joked that chocolate is its very own food group, and the best one at that!  Eating chocolate is one of life’s enjoyments and living a kosher lifestyle does not mean that you have to give it up.  In fact there is a wide variety of kosher chocolate available today and you may be surprised at its availability.  Several of the major chocolate manufacturers make chocolates for the mass market that meet the kosher requirements.  Several of the most well known names such as Snickers and Twix are kosher.  It is not hard to find chocolate that is kosher, but you do need to be aware if it contains dairy.

Often chocolate is labeled “pareve”, that is a term that means without dairy and the chocolate can be consumed with meat or after a meal containing meat.  If it contains any dairy at all it will not be label pareve or it will have a small D on the label to signal the presence of dairy.  In that case while still considered kosher chocolate there are restrictions that must be followed to keep the meal kosher.  Dairy containing chocolate could be consumed with a vegetarian kosher meal or with another dairy, for instance a sundae.

The chocolate market also has a variety of vendors that cater to the Jewish community by making kosher chocolate.  Often it is hard to find gourmet or very fine chocolates from the larger vendors that are certified kosher.  If you are in the market for gourmet chocolates it may be best to search out a manufacturer that specializes in kosher food.  It’s interesting to note that some of the vendors state that the Jewish market is a small part of their customer base.  There is a big segment of the population that relies on the kosher certification for other reasons.

Kosher is a way of eating that following the restrictions set by the Orthodox Jewish community.  Because of the nature of those restrictions there are several other groups that seek out kosher products.  Seventh Day Adventists follow many of the same guidelines as Orthodox Jews and by looking for the kosher certification symbols they know they are following their own beliefs.  Muslims also look for it so they know there is no pork involved and there is a growing following of people that believe in cruelty free eating.  Eating kosher is becoming more and more mainstream with a wide variety of vendors using the certifications.

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