Kosher Gifts – Perfect for Jewish and Non Jewish Friends

Giving gifts can be somewhat tricky.  In this day and age of political correctness we worry that we will inadvertently offend someone when we were just trying to be nice.  You might not be aware if the recipient practices kosher or not, you might not be aware of whether they are Jewish or not.  Giving kosher gifts can be a way to play it a little safe while still being thoughtful.  A kosher gift is inherently pure and respectful.  It is cruelty free and thoughtful.  In some instance the recipient may not even know it’s kosher unless they are aware of the certifications.

Some great kosher gifts are desserts.  Whether store bought or hand made everyone loves and appreciates the thoughtfulness of something sweet.  Kosher cookies are a great gift to ship overseas to friends and family, they hold up well and will taste great when they arrive.  Be sure to label anything pareve if it is dairy-free so the recipient will know they can enjoy them after a meal containing meat.  If the cookies are store bought they will be labeled and if handmade you will know and can include that information in your note.

Gift baskets also great kosher gifts.  They are readily available from retailers and come in a wide variety.  Some baskets may be mostly fruit, nuts and cheese and others may have a wider variety.  If the basket is labeled kosher than you can rest assured everything in it will be kosher.  If an item has dairy it will be properly labeled and if it doesn’t it will say pareve or have a similar marking.  Gift baskets may contain other neutral items too, such as candles, picture frames etc.  Sometimes the basket will be labeled kosher but often you can just request everything in it be certified.

Another great gift is a gift certificate to a wonderful kosher restaurant or a gift certificate to a Jewish book store.  Giving kosher gifts can do two things, it can show you respect the views of the recipient or it shows your views.  In the event you are unsure of whether or not the recipient practices kosher you almost eliminate the chance of being offensive.  If your recipient is an animal lover he or she may appreciate the kosher methods that try to be as cruelty free as possible.  There are many options available for finding and sending gifts while respecting the kosher way.

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