Kosher Gift Baskets – A Great Gift Any Time of Year

Kosher is a way of eating that involves food prepared in a cruelty free way and pure way.  It is a method of food preparation that insures no contamination and only uses ingredients from plants and animals that are certified kosher.  The term kosher is a term that originated in the very early days of Judaism and while it has been somewhat controversial it is simpler than it seems.  Many Orthodox Jews practice eating kosher on certain holidays or year round and there is a trend for many health-conscious non Jews to eat kosher also.  Kosher gift baskets are a relatively safe and appreciated gift for everyone on your list.

Kosher gift baskets are much like the traditional gift basket and contain both food and non food items.  All food items in the basket are marked with a kosher symbol such as the circled U or circled K and all come from certified manufacturers.  Some baskets may be all cheese or all fruit.  Some may be meat and crackers but never pork.  Pork is never kosher because it comes from an animal long considered “impure” and therefore not kosher.  Only beef and chicken butchered in a kosher matter are acceptable.

For beef to be considered kosher it must be butchered by a kosher butcher with a kosher knife in a very specific way that insures the animal dies with the least amount of pain possible.  Kosher beef is also checked for contaminates after slaughter and then certified once it is found pure.  Kosher beef may be made into beef sausage or jerky and added to kosher gift baskets but if it is it must not be consumed with cheese or other dairy products.  It is important to keep the basic rules in mind, only pareve products can be consumed with meat.

There are a lot of situations that sending kosher gifts baskets is considered appropriate.  After a death in the family, for Passover or for any other family occasion a basket is appropriate.  It is an excellent way of providing food and showing someone that you care.  When it’s combined with a visit it is particularly meaningful.  A gift basket that shows respect for a person’s religious or personal preferences is important.  A good vendor will be able to help you select the appropriate products and help you stay within your budget.  While the products in the basket may not last long the sentiment will and your kindness will be remembered forever.

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