Kosher Candy – Do I Have to Give Up the Good Stuff?

Kosher food is fundamentally pure and cruelty free.  It is also a very healthy, natural way to eat and that may seem to throw out candy as an option.  But, surprisingly the variety of kosher candy is huge and includes many readily available commercial brands.  There is also a large selection of pareve candy, meaning dairy free, which could be consumed right after a meal containing meat.  When looking for candy be sure to look for the kosher symbol of the U with a circle around it that means it’s certified kosher.  If in doubt it’s best to check with a qualified expert.

Of course, you can make your own kosher candy using kosher ingredients.  Many of the ingredients in candy such as milk, chocolate, sugar and spices are generally kosher and as long as the items are kept free of non kosher utensils and pans the candy would be kosher.  It is very important to note if the candy contains any dairy.  If a candy contains any milk at all it is not considered pareve and cannot be consumed with a meat that contains meat.  If a candy does not contain dairy, such as jelly beans, it is fine.

Kosher candy can be purchased at many stores such as supermarkets and “big box” stores.  There is a wide variety of commercial candy such as jelly beans and chocolate candies that are kosher.  There is also a wide variety to be found on the internet including some old time favorites such as licorice.  If candy is kosher it should be marked and if it is not pareve there will usually be a small d near the circled U to signify the dairy in the item.  If it is pareve than feel free to enjoy it after your hamburger.  If not, then you must wait at least 3 hours.

Even though we all love candy, it is important to note that while kosher eating is widely considered healthy, it does not mean kosher candy is.  It is still full of the sugar and fat that we all need to keep at a minimum.  Just like it is easy to fall in the trap of feeling that a “fat-free” choice is healthy.  Remember that candy should be eaten sparingly regardless of its kosher status.  However, it is good to know that there are a lot of options to satisfy that sweet tooth.

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