Kosher Cookies – A Special Dessert for a Kosher Meal

It’s Passover and you and your family have celebrated with a huge kosher meal.  Everyone is too stuffed when they leave the table for a fancy dessert but they may have a sweet tooth that needs satisfying.  One make-ahead dessert that everyone loves is cookies and if made carefully they can be an excellent addition to a kosher meal.  Kosher cookies can be pareve if non dairy shortening is used instead of margarine.  The cookies are a welcome treat that satisfies after a heavy meal and something everyone young to old can enjoy.

We may think that for a cookie to be kosher it must be homemade but there are several national brands that have cookies marked with the OU seal that signifies Orthodox Union.  In this case when the Orthodox Union grants this seal it means that the plant and ingredients have been thoroughly inspected to ensure that the bag or box is full of kosher cookies.  Nabisco has several brands that are kosher including Oreos and Fig Newton’s.  National companies like Nabisco have gone to great lengths to make this great tasting snack acceptable to as many people as possible.

If you aren’t looking for manufactured kosher cookies and you want to make your own than search for cookie recipes that use only kosher ingredients.  Probably the trickiest ingredients are dairy related.  A lot of cookie recipes call for milk and butter, both of which can be found kosher, but the use of dairy means the cookies are not pareve.  That is not generally an issue unless the cookies are the dessert for a big meat containing family meal.  If that is what you need find a cookie recipe that uses non dairy shortening in lieu of butter and does not have milk in it.

Kosher cookies are one option of a tasty dessert but you aren’t limited to them.  You can also purchase or make kosher brownies, fudge, cakes and candies.  Since the basic ingredients, sugar, flour and eggs are easy to find kosher it isn’t hard to find options.  While eating kosher is widely regarded as a healthful way of eating it does not attempt to eliminate sweets.  Kosher eating is a religious preference but one that emphasizes harmony and cleanliness.  Those that follow its edicts find themselves eating better and living more in harmony with nature.  Anyone interested in following this lifestyle can find a wide variety of options.

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