Kosher Desserts – The Perfect End to a Kosher Meal

Kosher is a system of eating with very strict rules governing most of the food groups.  For instance, kosher meats must be prepared a certain way and are limited.  Most vegetables and fruits are kosher but a careful inspection is still required.  Some foods, such as pork and shellfish, are completely eliminated.  One area with very few rules is kosher desserts.  Perhaps because sugar and other ingredients we are used to now were rare thousands of years ago, of course some of the rules still apply.  There are many stipulations regarding food prep and serving that must still be followed.

For any food to remain kosher it must be served with only kosher foods and with utensils used exclusively for kosher foods.  For instance, you may cook up a wonderful batch of kosher cookies but if you serve them on the plate that Uncle Jim at his non kosher meal on without properly washing it, they aren’t kosher.  Kosher utensils must be washed with only other kosher utensils and used to serve kosher food.  You also need to be aware of whether the kosher desserts are pareve or not.  Pareve is a Jewish term that signifies the absence of dairy.

A pareve food must not be served with a meat containing meal.  Kosher prohibits the eating of dairy and meat in the same meal, going so far as to say they cannot exist in the stomach at the same time.  If your desserts contain milk than serve them with ice cream as a snack or with a light meal of fruit and cheese.  A non dairy dessert, such as cookies made with shortening, may be served after a kosher meal.  There are several non dairy commercially prepared kosher desserts as well, such as Oreo cookies.

Once you have the basics of kosher eating down than it will not be hard to decide on delicious kosher desserts to end your kosher dinners.  If you are not following kosher law for yourself but you have an Orthodox Jewish guest and you are trying to respect his or her beliefs you may feel that there are too many rules to follow.  At first glance they may be very confusing but once you have them down it really isn’t that hard and finding good kosher food has never been easier.  Most kosher food will be marked with a certification and as long as you keep the serving and prep rules down you will be fine.

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