Kosher Market – Where Eating Kosher Gets Easier

For people that practice Orthodox Judaism eating kosher is a way of life and that is the religion that is responsible for kosher certifications.  Many people are surprised that while the term kosher is Jewish, it is practiced by a surprising number of non Jews.  Members of the Church of Latter Day Saints have many of the same food beliefs and actively search out kosher food.  There is also a trend toward seeing kosher as a healthier way of eating since contaminates are not allowed and slaughtering must be as cruelty free as possible.   Many people have started shopping at their local kosher market regularly to find a selection of fresh, healthy food.

The kosher market is an excellent place to shop without much of the stress of determining if a food is kosher or not.  The meat selection has all been certified kosher, meaning that it has been slaughtered in a very specific way.  Kosher meat has been butchered by a kosher butcher with a sharp kosher knife in as painless a manner as possible.  This is handled by slicing the animal across the throat deeply enough to slice through to the carotid artery causing instant death.  The meat is then thoroughly inspected to insure it is free of disease and infestations.

If you are having a hard time finding kosher cheese you may have luck at a kosher market.  Kosher cheese is more expensive than non kosher but it is likely worth it to maintain a kosher way of life.  Along with the cheese you will find a large selection of other kosher dairy products including milk and ice cream.  Remember that even if you find and purchase kosher cheese it may not be consumed at the same time as meat.  You may be able to find some “dairy” products that are actually pareve, meaning dairy free, such as coffee creamer.

A kosher market is also an excellent source for the fresh produce you find at a typical farmer’s market.  The fruit, vegetables, and nuts will be certified to be free of pests and usually fresh.  Since there are no restrictions on eating produce with meats or dairy it’s a healthy way to round out a meal.  You may be able to find a market in a predominately Jewish neighborhood or city but sometimes they are locally known and not very well advertised.  Ask around at your favorite kosher restaurants to locate the closest one or try locating one on the internet.

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