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bar mitzvah invitation choosing the style

Bar Mitzvah Invitation – Choosing the Style A bar mitzvah is such an important occasion in the life of a Jewish boy. Marking his transition from boyhood to manhood according to Jewish tradition is a big milestone for the parents as well as the boy. Choosing the style of the bar mitzvah invitation is but one of the many things ...

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bar mitzvah cards memorable keepsakes

Bar Mitzvah Cards – Memorable Keepsakes In every Jewish boy’s life, the coming of age ceremony when he turns 13 years old is a huge milestone. The bar mitzvah is celebrated with a moving ceremony where the boy becomes a full member of the Jewish congregation followed by a party to commemorate the occasion. Inviting all family and friends is ...

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american synagogues calendar

“American Synagogues” Calendar The sunburst inspired, 40-foot wide Art Deco stained glass skylight that graced the ceiling of Temple Emanu-El (Paterson, NJ) provides a glorious hint of the architectural treasures contained in acclaimed photographer Laszlo Regos’ “American Synagogues” calendar. The “American Synagogues” calendar includes all the major Jewish and secular holidays, and candle lighting times, and features 38 of Regos’ ...

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a life apart 2

A Life Apart Hasidism in America Narrated by Leonard Nimoy and Sarah Jessica Parker.In New York City, they are a common sight. Yet even here their way of life remains a mystery to those outside their community. They are the Jews known as the Hasidim (Chasidim) With their use of Yiddish, their distinctive clothes and their strict observance of Jewish ...

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a deeper reality dvd

A Deeper Reality DVD A Look into Kabbalah Jewish Kabbalah. Join us for a fascinating journey, party mystical and very practical. From the beginning of time through our current technological revolution, take a deeper look into the energy stored in sub-atomic particles, the new global community, the future of the internet, and where man’s intelligence is leading the world. Featured ...

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a history of the jewish experience

A History of the Jewish Experience by Rabbi Leo Trepp Not a history of the Jews, but a history of the Jewish Experience this is a must have book for anyone wishing to understand modern Judaism. It reaches across centuries and around the world to weave together the strands of Jewish experience. This comprehensive work includes prayers and practices, values ...

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