bar mitzvah invitation choosing the style

Bar Mitzvah Invitation – Choosing the Style

A bar mitzvah is such an important occasion in the life of a Jewish boy. Marking his transition from boyhood to manhood according to Jewish tradition is a big milestone for the parents as well as the boy. Choosing the style of the bar mitzvah invitation is but one of the many things on the to-do list when planning the party. Not only is this a milestone religious ceremony, but it is to be a fun party as well.

Where to find the bar mitzvah invitation design that will be the one is the first question. Shopping online is always an option, for there are nearly endless choices for ordering party cards and supplies found on the World Wide Web. In addition to that option, people should check stationary and card supply stores for ideas as well. Specific designs can be ordered if they are not already in stock. The synagogue gift shops often have a few styles of invitation designs to take a look at as well.

Bar mitzvah invitation designs and colors are as varied as one can imagine. Involve the boy in question so that every detail about the party is as much about him as he wants it to be. Let him pick the design and the colors if he wishes to do so. If that is not something he cares much about, at least the option was offered. The invitations can be bold colors or soft colors with various types of lettering used, whether cursive or block style letters are preferred.

Once the bar mitzvah invitation is chosen, then comes the time to fill in the information and get the invites in the mail. The name of the bar mitzvah boy should feature most of all, whether in bigger letters or bolder colors than the rest of the invitation, it should be easily seen. This will add to the special, honored feeling the boy has for the occasion. After the name is featured, then the important details come next. The details should include the dates, times and addresses of the religious service as well as the party. Be sure to include food details so that guests will know what to expect as far as menu is concerned, the names of the hosts and then the RSVP information. RSVP should include the date deadline for responding as well as the information as to who to call or write.

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