bat mitzvah invitations details and notes

Bat Mitzvah Invitations – Details and Notes

Bat Mitzvah ceremonies and parties are huge milestones for both the girl coming of age and her family. From the bat mitzvah invitations to the ceremony specifics to the party details, there is so much to consider in the months before the actual event. When planning, it is important to realize that the invitation sent out to guests sets the tone for the party to some degree. If the invitation is soft and elegant in nature, people will assume the party is low-key and elegant. Whereas if the invite is bold and festive, it will be assumed the party will be a bit more boisterous. Take these things into consideration when selecting the details for the invitations.

Making the guest list can be a tricky endeavor, especially when trying to keep the bat mitzvah festivities on a budget. Deciding who gets an invitation should be considered early on so the correct number of necessary bat mitzvah invitations can be ordered. The members that belong to the congregation where the ceremony is to take place typically do not receive individual invites, rather the details are shared at the temple and possibly online if the temple does such. This saves the family some funds in cards and postage as well as getting the word out en masse.

The bat mitzvah invitations should be sealed in envelopes, addressed and mailed about three months in advance of the event date. By doing this, there is ample time provided for out of town relatives and friends to make travel arrangements and set up accommodations for the trip and the stay. This also leaves time for all RSVPs to be returned as to better ascertain the number of guest who will be attending. By knowing that number, or at least a ball park number, this enables the host family to have a more accurate count as to the seating at both the ceremony and the party. It also gives a figure to consider in food and drink arrangements for the party.

Making sure the bat mitzvah is a ceremony and a party to remember is important to the coming-of-age Jewish girl. In the Jewish community, there is perhaps no more important ceremony or any bigger party for a girl to experience. Sending bat mitzvah invitations to family members from all over and special friends as well is as much a part of a bat mitzvah as the ceremony and party itself. It is a special celebration for all.

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