bat mitzvah invites when to send

Bat Mitzvah Invites – When to Send

The bat mitzvah celebration is a monumental occasion in the Jewish girl’s life that should be a memorable, precious experience for her and her family. When sending out bat mitzvah invites, it is important that all family and close friends are included in the celebration of the special girl’s coming-of-age. As with all milestone ceremonies accompanied by celebrations and parties, it is important to get the invitations out to guests plenty of time in advance. All invitees need time to be sure the date is doable for them.

  • Out of town guests- those family members and friends who come from far away, several hours or more in distance, are the ones who need the most notice time-wise. They need to be informed via the bat mitzvah invites of the date, time and specific location three or four months in advance. While this might seem like a long time, travelers will need time to plan. They may need to make travel arrangements such as airplane reservations or bus tickets as well as hotel accommodation reservations in addition to arranging for time off work.
  • Nearby Invitees- local family and friends, while close by in distance, still need a bit of notice as to the date, time and location of the ceremony and the party following. Many of those will have to make plans for time off of work or put in place babysitting arrangements. The bat mitzvah invites to these guests who reside close by, in the vicinity of the location, should be sent about 2 months in advance. This gives them time to make plans accordingly so they can attend and participate in the celebration.
  • Congregation- members of the congregation where the Jewish girl’s bat mitzvah ceremony is to be held rarely need personal bat mitzvah invites. The specific details of the ceremony and celebration following can be publicly announced via the temple’s informational bulletin, periodic newsletter and community calendar. Word of mouth is the way to spread the news in this case. If there are congregation members who are very close and very special to the girl, they may appreciate a personal bat mitzvah invite in order to save the card as a memento.

In any case, wherever the guests on the invite list may reside, it is a good idea to give them plenty of notice to ensure they all have time to make the various arrangement and can RSVP in a timely manner.

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