bar mitzvah invitations planning and announcing

Bar Mitzvah Invitations – Planning and Announcing

Planning the bar mitzvah for a coming of age Jewish boy is a big deal. This is both a religious and a maturity milestone for the boy in question. Bar mitzvah invitations for the ceremony and the accompanying parties or receptions are important to ensure the news is out and folks will come to celebrate.

The bar mitzvah invitations serve to announce the specifics of the event to all of those that are invited. The invite asks family and friends to come and join the celebration of this joyous occasion. On the card sent out the details should be very clear and specific. The order of the celebration events, from the religious ceremony to all receptions, parties and such that follow, should be clearly laid out so that the details are not confusing.  Dates, times, locations that include the full addresses and even directions to the place need to be clear and concise with the option to call if there are questions or concerns about directions.

Other details that should be included on the bar mitzvah invitations are menu specifics, so people will know if there will be something to eat they will enjoy or can plan for allergy issues and the like. If out-of-town guests are coming to join the celebration, it is a good idea to give detailed directions from where they are to the exact locations of the events.  Printouts of maps with the routes highlight would be a good tool to include for those coming in from far away. Information about accommodations is another important thing to include on the invitations for those out-of-towners.  If possible, setting the accommodations up for them would be helpful and make the trip easier. By making those details easy, the guests can enjoy the celebration more so. Accommodations can be arranged with nearby family and friends or hotels. If a hotel is being used, it would be good idea to reserve those rooms in advance and include that information in the bar mitzvah invitations when they are mailed out.

When mailing out the bar mitzvah invitations, be sure to double check addresses and postage on each one. This will ensure that none are returned or go to the wrong place, therefore compromising the ability of the guests to respond and attend the celebration. Mail the invites out well in advance of the date, preferably at least a couple of months. This leaves plenty of time for folks to call and ask questions about directions, locations, accommodations and so forth.

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