bat mitzvah invitations wording where to begin

Bat Mitzvah Invitations Wording – Where to Begin

Choosing the invitations for a Jewish girl’s bat mitzvah is a fun yet important part of the list of things to do for the ceremony and party that follows. It is important that the bat mitzvah invitations wording not only gives all the pertinent details and necessary information, but that the desired tone is achieved as well. A lot is riding on this one little card that goes out to spread the news and invite guests to the celebration. The card should be inviting, the guest should feel pulled to attend when they read the invitation.

Before actually sitting down to write the bat mitzvah invitations wording, take a few minutes to formulate what might be written and how it can be said. Determine the level of formality desired, the tone and voice of the invitation. These types of decisions will dictate whether the invitations are hand-written or ordered pre-printed from a stationary shop or online. For smaller gatherings with a shorter guest list, hand-writing the invites can be hand-written on pretty blank cards or stationary. If a larger gathering is planned, printed cards will be more efficient to use.

When choosing the type of card for the bat mitzvah invitations, be sure to order or purchase a few more than the anticipated number on the guest list. There are often last-minute additions to the guest list and this way the invitations are ready and waiting. No scrambling around to find invites that do not match or a lesser quality invite just to add guests onto the list. Bat mitzvah invitations wording should include all members of the guest family to clarify just who is invited. This will save any confusion and make RSVPs smoother as well.

Specific bat mitzvah invitations wording should be decided on while considering the level of formality. It can be ‘Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jones request the pleasure of your company’ or it can simply be ‘Please join us’, depending on the host family’s preferences. On the invitation, be sure to include the names of the hosts and hostesses and the locations of both the ceremony and the party with specific street addresses for both as well as the date and times in question. Add RSVP notations at the end of the bat mitzvah invitations wording, being sure to include the phone number to contact for RSVP responses. A special ceremony and a unique party deserve quality, special invitations.

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