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Bar Mitzvah Cards – Memorable Keepsakes

In every Jewish boy’s life, the coming of age ceremony when he turns 13 years old is a huge milestone. The bar mitzvah is celebrated with a moving ceremony where the boy becomes a full member of the Jewish congregation followed by a party to commemorate the occasion. Inviting all family and friends is the way to fully celebrate this life of this Jewish boy. Bar mitzvah cards are a great way to express love and pride in the child as you share in his special day. In the course of the bar mitzvah celebration, the child will receive many gifts and cards that honor him, his life thus far and his life yet to come. Celebrating who he is thus far and his bright future is part of the whole thing. When deciding on a gift to give the coming of age Jewish boy, bar mitzvah cards are a good option. The card can be thoughtfully chosen, a personal message written inside and some money enclosed. By giving the boy money in lieu of a gift, he can do what he chooses with it. Bar mitzvah cards with money inside are certainly welcome gifts, but they are also mementos of the special life-changing day in the boy’s life. After the day is but a memory and the money long spent, the child will have the card to remember the significance of the day. He will be able to remember how he was honored, exhorted and celebrated. This is a good thing to have, warm memories of love and encouragement. The party can be fun and a rousing good time with all of his friends around, it does not negate the significance of the ceremony and the days to follow one bit. Celebration is part of it all. After the celebration is over, the 13 year old boy is still a child at home, but he knows his role in life and how he must do things to follow the beliefs of his chosen religion. He might still like to pop wheelies on his bike or watch cartoons, but his heart will hold the continued teachings and he will grow, remember and practice his religion. Giving bar mitzvah cards only reinforces the giver’s love and appreciation of the child’s life and will stay with him for a long time. Such important celebrations make a lasting impact that is felt in the heart for many years to come

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