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Kosher Wine 102: How to Host a Kosher Wine Tasting

Wine has long been a part of Jewish gatherings.  A kosher table will never be complete without a bottle of sophisticated kosher wine. With the increased popularity of kosher wine, a number of wine-producing countries particularly the United States, France, Australia and Israel now offer wide varieties of fine kosher wines following rigid Jewish dietary laws.  Hosting a wine […]

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Kosher Wine 101: How to Choose Kosher Wine

Kosher wine is a kind of wine produced according to strict rabbinical supervision. Generally known for its sweet taste, Kosher wine nowadays is offered in different variations (dry wines, dessert wines, and brandies). For a wine to be kosher, one has to consider  strict regulations based on Jewish dietary laws. When choosing Kosher wine, check for the hechsher […]

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Why Choose Kosher Blackberry Wine?

Kosher blackberry wine is a favorite among Jews during special occasions.  When drank in moderation and as part of an overall healthy diet, Kosher blackberry wine can be very beneficial. Here are a few reasons why: Because it is Kosher, Jews can enjoy wine during special functions without violating Jewish dietary laws. Studies revealed that wine […]

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