How to Make Latkes (Potato Pancakes) for Hanukkah

Latkes or potato pancakes is a main entree in Jewish parties especially during Hanukkah. Latkes are made from onions and potatoes and are usually served with applesauce or sour cream. Here’s how to make them.

  • Wash the potatoes and peel them. Slice the onions thinly.
  • Grate the potatoes and onions and put them in a mixing bowl.
  • Using a colander, squeeze excess water out of the potatoes. This is done to prevent your latkes from becoming soggy.
  • Beat some eggs in a large bowl. Add the potatoes, onions, flour, salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly.
  • Heat some vegetable oil into your frying pan. Your stove should be at medium heat.
  • When oil is hot enough, take a spoonful of your latke mixture and fry it in the frying pan. Use a spoon to flatten the patties. Fry the patties until both sides are crisp and brown.
  • Using a paper towel, drain your latkes from excess oil. Serve with applesauce or sour cream. Enjoy!

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