How to Choose a Jewish College

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Some Jewish students prefer to study in Jewish universities instead of going to secular colleges. They feel that the distractions from non-Jewish colleges may affect their studies. Finding the right Jewish college is easy with these few steps:

  • Use your resources to do research. You can find resources by using search sites like Google and Yahoo. Look into websites of Jewish colleges and check on the courses they offer. You can also get information from Jewish online communities and by searching through local Jewish papers. You can also get information from your local community.
  • Visit Jewish schools and observe the environment. Talk to students and instructors.
  • Seek for testimonials from alumni of the university you’re interested with.
  • List down your needs and expectations from a Jewish college. This way, you’ll have a clear idea of what to look for in Jewish universities.
  • When you’ve decided which school you want to go, do your applications ahead of time.

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