Jewish Scholarships for Women: Supporting Jewish Women’s Education in the 21st Century

Women were historically exempted from obtaining a form of education beyond the practical aspects of Torah and rules in running a Jewish household. This has changed in the past 100 years, when education for Jewish women has advanced remarkably. There are a few educational scholarships available for Jewish women

1. The Jewish Foundation for Education of Women (JFEW)

JFEW is a program that provides scholarships to women who live in New York City. Applicants must be enrolled as a full time student or registered for at least 12 credits. JFEW provides scholarships to over 500 women each year.

2.  National Council of Jewish Women Bergen County High School Scholarships Award

Three $1,000 scholarships are provided to young Jewish women attending high schools in Bergen County. Applicants for NCJW must be accepted by a four year college, have great academic standing in high school, an active member of school activities and community service programs, and must have financial needs.

3.  Irma Sue Macy “L’Dor V’Dor” Endowed Scholarship for Jewish Women

The scholarship which means “from generation to generation” is a $600,000 gift from philanthropist Irma Sue Macy. This particular scholarship is available to undergraduate and graduate students having full-time study at Maryville University. Up to $5,000 is awarded to undergraduates and $10,000 is set aside for graduate scholarships.

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