What Jon Stewart Fails to Understand

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Last week Jon Stewart ran a segment on “The Daily Show” that got a lot of buzz, and a large number of Facebook posts and e-mail forwards. On the segment entitled “Faith/Off- Easter vs. Passover” Stewart compares the fun quotient of Passover versus Easter, and beseeches his Jewish brethren to step up their collective game in order to make Passover more enticing to children. He contrasts the White House celebrations of both holidays to make his point. Passover is shown to be staid and formal, full of such child friendly delicacies as horseradish roots, boiled eggs dipped in saltwater and Matzo Ball soup.

Easter, on the other hand, is celebrated with Easter egg hunts, cartoon hero mascots and chocolate galore. To emphasize the point, Stewart takes out a basket of Easter chocolates and a Seder plate, asking which a child would prefer, and suggests that Jews develop a more kid friendly Passover replete with amusement parks rides, animated characters and the like.

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