Slice Of Life: Getting Ready For Passover!

We’re almost there! Tonight begins the week long holiday of Passover, and we’ve been working very hard preparing for this special time on the Jewish calender. The silver has been polished, (and in particular our large goblet for Eliyahu), nuts have been cracked (in our case using a hammer covered in a plastic bag!), three hundred eggs have been washed (yes, that’s right, three hundred, and no we won’t be eating that many eggs, but some of my neighbors who have large families and lots of guests just might go through that many between the ice cream, the mayonnaise and the flour-free cakes….)

The regular dishes have been put away and the Passover dishes have been placed in the newly cleansed kitchen—a few purchases have been saved for first time use on Passover, like these mugs which I’ll then incorporate into my regular dishes, since once again we’ve gone through more than a whole set of mugs in the past year. (Not that this upsets me terribly, the broken mugs go the the mosaic pile!)

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