Parshat Lech Lecha: The Mystery of Lot

Upon Avraham and Sarah’s return from Egypt, a great change overtook Lot, who had accompanied them on their journey. He allowed his shepherds to pasture in strange fields which led to his break-up with Avraham. Lot moved to Sedom, a bastion of impurity and evil and was later captured in the battle of the four and five kings. Avraham then risked his life to save his errant nephew. What lesson does the Torahmean to convey with this story?

The Shem Mishmuel cites a midrash that relates that when Lot left Egypt he had sheep, cattle, and tents. Tents represent two women, Ruth the wife of Boaz, and Naama the Amonit, wife of King Shlomo. What is this midrash teaching us?

Chassidut teaches about a concept of multiple souls. Lot embodied the souls of Ruth and King David. However, he did not know this. The Kotzker Rebbe points out that the greater the future soul, the more deeply it is hidden within the person.


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