A Reader-Roundup Of CJM Inspired Projects!

One of the rewarding parts of running this blog is connecting with readers, and especially those who have been inspired by some of my projects to make their own versions! So while I’m celebrating Passover with my family, I thought I’d share with you some projects that readers have sent in or linked to on their own blogs.

Fresh off the press, is this really great version of my ten plagues Passover placards, sent in by a reader Megan, who said that the project was a great hit at their seder! I’m just as proud as can be! And crafty Abby, a mom and midwife at Hadassah EinKerem hospital in Jerusalem finds time to craft for the holidays—she wrote asking advice on how to use these pre-cut matzo circles, and I suggested using them in my paper accordian-fold medallion bouquet. I think she did a great job!

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