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Israel is a country made up of a salient variety of landscapes, dozens of historical landmarks juxtapose with oscillating cities, breath taking white sand beaches and outstanding desert landscapes, and a myriad of both wildlife and human cultures. Aloft the great city of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are some of the most arresting and artistic view of the countryside with its green flourishing valleys and lush towering forest. That is why, to be married couples from all walks of life dream of having their special wedding day in Israel.

Israeli Weddings can be held in the ecumenical city of Tel Aviv, or some beautiful and typical locations such as Masada, in sacred Jerusalem with its numerous historical and unforgettable sites. You can have your wedding by the sea, outside or inside. You might choose to get married and exchange your vows in a historic setting, or maybe you prefer to celebrate with an avant-garde modern Jewish ceremony.

Planning a wedding, especially your own wedding can both be exciting and exhausting, nobody’s got all the answers to the questions of an inquiring mind. We all need the help that we can get, especially in planning one of the most special events that could ever happen in our life. It is a very special and important day, and it must be perfect. It happens once in our lives and if it is perfect that you want, then perfect you must get. Celebrating it any less, could end up betraying the very purpose of the event and your happiness. Getting married in the holy city of Israel is getting more than you ask for. Israel is a unique land, a blossoming country with thousands of years of human history where your wedding will surely be a day to remember.

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  • Weddings in Israel

    Israel is indeed an amazing location for a wedding. Besides the great benefits described above, Israel is relatively cheap when it comes to weddings. Often having a top class event in Israel, together with flying in your guests can still be cheaper than holding the same event overseas. Even if it isn’t because of the number of guests - you’re still getting a much more significant and meaningful event.

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