Kids cell phones, Necessity or Luxury?

Kids nowadays would do anything to have a cell phone. Well, who could blame them? , Even adults are having a hard time lasting the whole day without their gadgets and gizmos, what more, children. With those designs and features specifically designed just for kid’s needs. That include a colored screen, camcorder, camera, and with the next generation of technology, Kids can even download games and customize their ring tones.

As many as 72% of kids aged 13 to 17 now carry a cellular phone. Years ago parents never considered buying their kids a cell phone and those who did were criticized as parents who spoil their children. The situation is clearly different now, Cell phone, became one of the basic needs in life, It’s considered more as a necessity and not a luxury.

Reasons to Buy Cell Phones for Kids

• Parents need a way to quickly contact their kids, with the fast growing technology in electronics, parents are more than willing to buy their kids a cell phone. When parents are at work and children are at play, worrying less about them is just a touch of a button. The thought of having a peace of mind that their children can contact them in times of emergency, is more than re assuring.

Cell phone Company like AT&T and a lot others, offers a pre-paid plan for a limited number of minutes. This will at least save most parents from worrying about huge amounts of phone charges.

•In the US, most cell phones for kids are equipped with some of the next level of technology, like GPS (Global positioning satellite) so you can locate your children when you need to. Some phones comes with a panic button, which automatically dials 911 in the US in case of emergency.

•Parental control, especially with teenagers. Parents can regulate phone usage. The length of calls and the option to limit the incoming and outgoing phone calls to protect your teens from strangers.

Although all these things are in fact very useful in our day to day lives and the safety of our children. For parents, just make make sure that proper guidance and knowledge should always be present, It is our responsibility as a parent to make them understand the importance and values that comes with owning a cell phone.

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