Naming a Jewish Baby

Judaism plays an important role in naming a Jewish child. A Hebrew name is usually given to a child. This Hebrew name is considered as the child’s real name by which God calls him.

There are many customs followed in Jewish baby naming ceremonies. Ashkenazi Jews name a child after a deceased loved one. This is done to keep the memory of the person alive and is believed to form a bond between the soul of the baby and the relative who has passed away. Sephardi Jews, on the other hand, name children after relatives who are still alive. Some people customarily name Jewish babies based on Jewish holidays which coincides with his or her birth. Some parents name their children from portions of Torah.

A naming ceremony for a baby girl is done during the first Torah reading after her birth. This is usually done with the officiant reciting a prayer for the health of the baby’s mother followed with the announcement of the baby’s name. The parents then host a reception after the service.

Jewish baby boys, on the other hand, are named after Brit Milah. The baby is circumcised and is followed by other Jewish rituals and special prayers. The officiant then announces the baby’s name. A festive meal follows.

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