The Tragedy of the Four SEED Boys

Four SEED boys came to Orchard Beach this summer. And the results were not good. They were Shimon, Akiva, Elisha, and another Shimon; students from a small yeshiva in Monsey who were sent to spread Torah “out of town” over the summer.

The first Shimon started at the swirly blue marble countertops at the home he was staying in. The home was beautiful, everything clean. He had his own room with a bathroom, also with marble countertops and a large shower with two showerheads. These baalebatim are rich, he thought to himself, very rich. Little did he know that wealth is not always what brings happiness. This Shimon was the first victim of the summer. He stared at the marble, and he stared at all the statuesque figures in the house too. When the man of the house returned from a week long business trip he found Shimon in the shower and killed two people. Upon him it is said “Do not gaze upon the marble and call it water, water. And do not gaze upon the shul’s MILF and offer to clean up the garage on Sunday while her husband in on a business trip in Singapore.


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