Who Decides? Judaism says: You & I

We are talking about abortion.

Almost 40 years ago, in January 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States decided that a woman’s right to privacy extends to her right to have an abortion up to a certain point in her pregnancy but we are talking about abortion. Still. Again.

Who Decides? The issue is not whether abortion is morally right or wrong; that is a matter of individual conscience. The question is who has the right to make the choice – women or the government. The Supreme Court said the right belongs to women, and thankfully for me, Judaism agrees.

“If a woman suffers hard labor, the child must be cut up in her womb and brought out one limb at a time, for her life takes precedence over [the fetus’] life. If the greater part has already come out, it must not be touched, because one life does not supersede another. (Mishnah Ohalot 7:6)”

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