Ruth Bader Ginsburg—a Fitting Culmination for Jewish American Heritage Month

As you know if you read the Jewish Women’s Archive blog, May is Jewish American Heritage Month (JAHM). At JWA, we work all year to highlight the struggles and successes of American Jewish women; it’s the legacy we pass on to future generations.

Among JWA’s contributions to JAHM this year, we added video interviews with nine Jewish women who live and work in the Washington, DC area to our website. Ranging from a rabbi to a food writer, a visual artist to a physician, these women represent the variety of Jewish practice, personal history, and professional identity that one finds in most contemporary American Jewish communities.

Undoubtedly the most famous Jewish woman in Washington is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. For her contribution to JWA’s online exhibit, “Jewish Women and the Feminist Revolution,” Ginsburg sent a personal statement about her Jewish identity. “I take pride in and draw strength from my Jewish heritage,” she wrote in 2004.


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