Being Frum is not a Crime

I know there must be a lot of you out there who think I hate orthodoxy and this is why I make fun of it, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The fact is that I myself am pretty frum in practice, existentially troubled in belief and was given a very good observational eye by the Lord, but I am a big supporter of those who want to be frum and frummer than everyone else – I just don’t like when they shove it on others. One of the reasons I first started writing this blog, besides making millions of dollars and getting some action, was to vent my frustrations at a frum community that seemed to be heading towards this social orthodoxy, where everything was done to impress upon others that they were frum. It seemed to me, that orthodoxy for the sake of serving the Lord, bettering oneself and helping others had been replaced by social orthodoxy. Basically, everyone was trying to one up each other.

Until I went to yeshiva, I had no idea that people placed so much value on how one dressed and spoke. I had no idea that the way I said things would determine which level of frumkeit I belonged to. I had no idea that I was a lesser being because I had gone to coed camp or that my father wore blue jeans. Sure, these things seem asinine, but I’m truly hurt by what the frum community has become.


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