Are you just a Jew on shabbos?

For most people, morning minyan is a way of life. Either they find the virtue of starting their day with connection to God, their families force them to go or they feel driven to complete a fledgling minyan. I myself have been attending minyan lately and much to my dismay, the place I go to doesn’t always get a minyan. I wish they did, because they are always so close, but I have some ideas as to why the minyan is so lame.

When I lived in San Jose, coming to shul was always an uncomfortable experience and I mean this in a good way. The Rabbi in San Jose is so into fire and brimstone mussar combined with individual attention to your needs – that every time I attend shul I feel like his mussar is directed at me. Of course, I always walk out of there feeling like a piece of shit that has miles of self help and improvement to do, but this is how Judaism should be practiced.


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