The Process of Obtaining a Gett

A Gett is a Jewish divorce document that should be obtained in addition to civil divorce to officially terminate a marriage. The Torah acknowledges the necessity of divorce in unavoidable circumstances. However, divorce is used only as last resort when all other options fail.

  • As soon as you decide to separate, you should contact a Rabbi for advice on the process of obtaining a Gett. A Rabbi can also recommend a Scribe who will help you get a Jewish divorce document.
  • Once the Scribe is done writing the Gett, it should be signed by two witnesses.
  • The Beth Din will require you to submit the following documents: Ketubah, name and contact information of the Rabbi who officiated your wedding, the names of the couple’s parents, all names of husband and wife (including nicknames), valid identification cards or documents, documentation of previous divorce (if there’s any).
  • The husband must hand the Gett to his wife in front of the Beth Din and witnesses.
  • Once the Gett is received by the wife, the Rabbi will cut the Gett parchment and it will be kept in the Beth Din files.
  • The Beth Din will issue a certification of release (P’tur) to both parties. The P’tur is usually mailed a few weeks after the civil divorce is finalized.

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