The Hasidic Women – Why They Wear Wigs

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Hasidic women wear clothing that is according to the principles of dress modesty in Jewish law. Haredi women wear long, conservative skirts. They also wear sleeves past the elbow.

Hasidic women strictly follow the laws of tzenuit. They are also required to act accordingly and with respectable behavior. Married women cover their hair with a sheitel or wig ; tichel or scarf. Some women cut their hair short or shave their heads and wear wigs.

The way of dressing of Hasidic women reflects the culture that they want to protect. Hasidic Judaism aims to protect women against the immodesty of the popular culture. Also, a woman’s hair is considered as sensual and is a symbol of sex, the reason why Hasidic women are required to cover their heads.

Contrary to popular belief, wearing a wig is not a requirement for Hasidic women. Some women wear a snood (a hat which looks like a beret) to cover their hair. Many Hasidic women choose to wear a wig because it is more comfortable than keeping their hair long and covering it with a scarf.

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