Quick and Easy to Make Hanukkah Dough Balls

Celebrate Hanukkah with these special dough balls that your family is sure to enjoy. Serve it together with other traditional foods of the season like latkes, sufganiyot, blintzes and fritters. Here’s an easy to make Hanukkah dough ball recipe:

  • Prepare the following for this dough ball recipe: a cup of apple juice, four ounces of margarine, cooking oil for frying, one cup of flour and four large eggs.
  • First, boil apple juice and gradually add margarine while stirring.
  • Add flour and mix until the mixture does not stick to the sides of the pan anymore.
  • Remove the mixture from the pan and add beaten eggs gradually.
  • In a large pan, heat oil. Drop the dough balls using a small spoon.
  • Fry the dough balls until they are golden brown.
  • Using a strainer, remove the dough balls from the oil. Drain excess oil with a paper towel.
  • Serve the Hanukkah dough balls with melted butter, cinnamon and sugar.
  • Serve with tea.
  • You can also serve the dough balls with fruit preserves, chocolate syrup, honey, chopped nuts and heated marmalade.

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