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The Palmach Museum is a pragmatic museum comprising the Palmach heritage basing from the different stories of people. It is situated in Ramat Aviv, Israel. The museum is devoted to the Palmach, which is the prominent force of the Hagana defense association. It was later on incorporated into the Israel Defense Forces. The Palmach Museum was launched in the year 2000. Its purpose was to give honor to the Palmach for their significant involvement in contributing to the formation of the State of Israel. An Israeli architect, named Zvi Hecker, designed the Museum.

The Palmach Museum has its own way of highlighting their exhibits in a unique and modern way. Instead of the usual displays or documents, which are present in most museums, Palmach Museum focuses on captivating personal story combined by films, three-dimensional furnishings, and different effects integrating documentary resources.

A tour to the museum is handled in groups, connects an organized presentation, and embarks as a continuation of events and representing the team spirit of Palmach. The exploration in the museum begins and ends in the memorial hall where the tourists could witness the Palmach warriors fighting courageously for setting up of the State of Israel.

If you plan to visit the Palmach Museum, you have to plan it ahead of time since it must be pre-arranged.  The group tour consists of 25 people. Children over 6 years old could already join the tour. The total length of the tour will take 90 minutes. The presentation comes in five languages, which are English, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian and French. Headphones are provided for the translation. The entrance fee for the adults is 30 NIS and 20 NIS for the pensioners and schoolchildren.

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