Op-Ed: I Am Worried About Jonathan

Jonathan Pollard saved millions of human beings in the Middle East and worldwide from excruciating deaths and painful lifelong physical disabilities. To do that, Pollard sacrificed his freedom.

Documents recently released to the National Security Archives at George Washington University provide us, for the first time, with the details of the espionage activities that have made Jonathan Pollard the most controversial and hated figure in the U.S. intelligence community.

The CIA report reveals that Pollard did not procure secrets about the United States. The intelligence Pollard provided his Israeli handlers consisted of the information that Washington had acquired concerning Arab states.

The report shows that the US government has lied to the public about key issues in the Pollard case for years. Jonathan was put away for life because he irritated US Arab allies who felt that Israel had been too much strengthened; and second because Pollard made Israel impervious to American pressure. What Pollard endangered was the US administration’s pro-Arab political agenda, not the intelligence community.

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