No Indictment Against King’s Torah Authors

Nearly a year after police launched an investigation into the publication of the King’s Torah, a book that stated that it was permissible to kill non-Jews when their presence in Israel endangers Jews, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein decided to close the criminal case against the authors and its supporters “due to lack of sufficient evidence as required in criminal law.”

The attorney general ruled that it was impossible to determine that the publication of the book was done with the intent of inciting to racism as the law demands.

Weinstein stressed that when the matter involves the publication of a halachic ruling or halachic books, and out of consideration for the principle of religious freedom, criminal proceedings must be avoided when possible.

Yet the attorney general also stated that it was “obvious that the decision to close (the case) was not in any way an expression of acceptance for the serious statements presented in the book. The opposite is true, the statements are, according to the attorney general, deserving of condemnation and denunciation.”


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