New England Shluchim Gather in Connecticut

“Varm” and “Tochendik” were two of the words used by some of the 150 participants to describe the New York New England regional Kinus in West Hartford, Connecticut, co-hosted by Rabbis Yosef Gopin, Mendel Samuels, Yosef Wolvovsky, Shaya Gopin and Yosef Kulek.

In the spirit of Poschim B’dvar Malchus, the day began with an inspiring Chasidus Shiur by Rabbi Yosef Lustig, a perfect way to begin the day.

A practical discussion of Chinuch for the children of Shluchim was had by panelists who included advice on helping them reach their true potential. The panel was moderated by Rabbi Yosef Wolvovsky.  “Your children need to know that you love them and that they are the most important part in your life” said Rabbi Mendel Samuels among other things. “Your Shlichus should be a positive experience for them.” Rabbi Aaron Slonim addressed the importance of making time for your children and said that “every child is different and needs a different kind of attention. Make sure you carve time out for them regardless of how busy you are. It goes without saying,” added Slonim, “that you must be a Dugma Chaya for your kids in everything you do.” Rabbi Pesach Schmerling spoke about children making the Rebbe  a part of their own life. “It’s not enough for them to hear stories of the Rebbe. They have to make the Rebbe a part of their personal life.”

Rabbi Dovid Edelman paid tribute to Rabbi Herschel Fogelman OBM, the Shliach to central Massachusetts for over 70 years.


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