Chabad Breaks Ground on New Center in Mexico

An historic event took place in the famous tourist destination of Cancun, Mexico: the laying of the cornerstone for the new 15,000 square foot edifice that will serve the thousands of Jewish visitors and the small local Jewish population of Cancun. The Chabad Welcome Center will serve as a home away from home for all that enters its doors.

Nearly five years after Rabbi Mendel and Rachel Druk arrived in Cancun as Shluchim, they were joined by jubilant members of their international community and the government to take part in this momentous occasion.

The event began with all reciting the Rebbe’s Kapital, and, making note of the fact that we are soon approaching the rebbe’s 110th birthday, the children lead the crowd with the 12 pesukim.

After receiving greetings from the Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rav Shlomo Amar, the director of Mexico’s largest food and wine festival, who coincidentally shares the same last name as the Chief Rabbi, greeted the crowd on behalf of the donors committee.


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