Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski Shares Timely Thoughts on Gilad Shalit’s Release

The 20th of Tishrei, the day of Gilad Shalit’s release from captivity, is a day of mixed emotions. Our hearts throb with joy for the Shalit family, and we wish them much nachas forever and ever. Yet, our hearts also bleed for the families who lost loved ones at the hands of the ruthless killers who are being released, whose wounds are reopened.

We also live in dread of the actions of these vicious murderers, who have no value whatever for human life. We will increase our alertness and reinforce our security to the maximum. We will also pray fervently for Hashem’s mercy and protection.

When the horrible Chmelniecky massacres occurred in 1648, Rabbi Yomtov Lipman Heller, author of Tosafos Yomtov, said that this was a punishment for the sin of conversing in the synagogue during prayers and the Torah reading.

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