Need a Shidduch? Devorah Benjamin Has an Idea!

This past Yud daled Kislev an idea was born: for a nominal fee of $100, Devorah Benjamin of KSCVK will take your name, the name of your child, friend, or relative, and daven at the Ohel for a shidduch. The money will go straight to KSCVK’s fund for Crown Heights Chassanim and Kallos.

The program began promptly and has already been met with beautiful success. It’s been so popular, that Devorah’s phone rings off the hook with more and more names submitted. In fact, the demand is so strong that hardly a day goes by when she is not asked multiple times about her next planned visit to the Ohel.

Lag Ba’omer is one of those auspicious times when one can ask for anything and “vert gehelfen” (is helped). With her financial obligations of post Shavuous weddings coming up, Devorah decided that on Lag B’omer (Wednesday night) she will be going again to the Ohel to daven for a nominal fee of $100 per name, and the money will go straight to her upcoming weddings.


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