Nabatean Avdat Acropolis City

The Nabatean Avdat Acropolis City is situated at a flat-topped mountain.  Regardless of frequent earthquakes and damages over a period, the city remained almost intact.

The City was constructed in the 4th century BCE for the main purpose of a resting place and a shelter for the merchants who travel along the Spice Route. During the Byzantine period, the city accomplished it’s magnificence.  Generally, it had 3,000 dwellers who are mostly Nabateans, and eventually converted to Christianity.  In this era, they discovered hundreds of caves that were made for living and storage.  Remarkable remains were found inside such as Christian crosses engraved into the ceiling and stone walls, wine presses, farmhouses and a bathhouse.

Walking through the Nabatean City is so wonderful.  You are about to witness its greatness over the past 1200 years ago.  The Walking Tour will last for 2.5 hours, where you can see magnificent Christian Churches from the 4th century.  Extended tours are offered for the tourists to enjoy looking at the farms and cisterns.

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