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Overturn the World

On July 2, 1965 the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) began its work for women’s equality, enforcing Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which among other things prohibited employment discrimination within labor unions. This week, we take a glimpse even farther back, to the turn of the century, to the roots of […]

The Real Housewives of the Lower East Side

One hundred and ten years ago today, something surprising happened. Jewish immigrant housewives in New York City—concerned and angry about a sharp rise in the price of kosher meat from 12 cents to 18 cents per pound—launched a kosher meat boycott that lasted nearly a month, spread to several other boroughs of New York, sparked […]

‘Non-Kosher Meat Served at President’s Residence’

'Non-Kosher Meat Served at President's Residence'

President Shimon Peres’s chief of staff Efrat Duvdevani has sent a letter to Chief Rabbis Yona Metzger and Shlomo Amar calling on them to thoroughly investigate the catering company Pri Haaretz, which allegedly served non-kosher meat at the president’s Independence Day party at his Jerusalem residence. First reported by Ma’ariv, the company that catered the […]

French PM Knocks Halal, Kosher During Campaign

France’s prime minister urged Muslims and Jews to consider scrapping their halal and kosher slaughter laws on Monday as French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his allies stepped up their efforts to woo far-right voters. French Prime Minister Francois Fillon made the suggestion after Sarkozy called at the weekend for butchers to clearly label meat slaughtered […]

Hamming it up: Kosher ‘pork’ coming soon

If the dream of tasting pork – that most forbidden of forbidden foods – has always been yours, then dream no longer. And if you thought the idea of a rabbinically approved slice of swine was less likely than a flying pig, then think again. Because kosher “pork” is coming to a butcher near you […]

N.Y. kosher law passes constitutional muster

New York State’s revised kosher law is constitutional, a federal judge ruled. U.S. District Court Judge Nina Gershon ruled last week in Brooklyn that the law, which was revised in 2004 after Gershon ruled it unconstitutional, does not violate the First Amendment right to free speech, as claimed in a 2008 lawsuit by Long Island […]

How to Start a Kosher Catering Business

Kosher catering business is now a big business. Jews observe many holidays and festivals and festive meals are often part of the celebration. Prior to starting your kosher catering business it is important to check the area you will be serving. Are there big Jewish communities in your area? It is also important to check […]

The Process of Koshering a Chicken

Slaughtering animal following Jewish laws is a skill that requires in-depth knowledge of the Jewish Dietary Laws. Koshering a slaughtered animal is considered by many as the most humane way of killing animals. To become a kosher butcher, one must practice and learn this skill very well for a couple of years before becoming certified. […]

How to Kosher Meat

Back in the old days, the process of koshering was done at home, most of the time involving all members of the household in the different steps. Nowadays, koshering a meat is usually done in butcher shops. However, some Jewish families still choose to kosher their meat. Koshering is the process of slaughtering meat following the […]

The Kosher Way of Cooking

To prepare kosher food, you should be equipped with kosher utensils, a kosher kitchen, kosher ingredients and knowledge on the Jewish dietary laws. These laws forbid the consumption of certain foods and impose the methods of slaughtering, cooking and serving it. Buy your ingredients from Jewish grocery shops or butchers selling kosher meat. A meat is considered […]

Kosher Butcher – Ensuring the Beef is Kosher

Kosher is a term that basically means that food and wine are produced in a kosher way.  The food must be certified and the production must be overseen by a rabbi to make sure all criteria are met.  In the case of fruits and vegetables it’s not a problem.  Everything that comes out of the […]

Kosher Cheese – Difficult to Make but Worth the Effort

Eating kosher is a way of eating that follows certain religious dictates determined by Orthodox Jewish Rabbis.  The belief is that only food produced without cruelty and without contaminates be consumed.  Part of the practice is making sure that all food certified kosher only be served with other kosher food.  A cow is certified kosher […]

Kosher Chicken – What Makes a Chicken Kosher or Not?

While eating kosher is based in the Jewish faith many embrace it for the fundamentally healthy aspects of it.  Kosher food is prepared in facilities that are constantly inspected.  The preparation is carefully monitored and there are no contaminates permitted.  Kosher chicken is an example of a meat that goes through a process that takes […]

Kosher Food Online – The Internet May be Your Best Grocery Store

For thousands of years people have been eating and preparing kosher food.  For the first several thousand years it remained the same and even twenty years ago to eat kosher you had two choices.  You either needed to live in a large metropolitan area with a large Jewish population or take on full responsibility for […]

Kosher Food – A Healthier Way to Eat

If you have seen the little kosher “U” on packaging or you have been raised to eat kosher as a member of the Jewish faith you may have a few questions about it.  As a rule kosher is a very clean, cruelty free way of eating that adheres to strict religious codes.  A food that […]

Kosher Foods – What Exactly Does Kosher Mean?

Kosher is a term used to describe the acceptableness of certain foods and drinks to people that are Orthodox Jews.  Kosher foods can come from any of the food groups as long as the proper procedures and protocol have been followed.  A food thought to be kosher may suddenly be non kosher simply because it […]

Kosher Gelatin – When Is It Kosher and When Is It Forbidden?

Gelatin has been a little tricky for people trying to eat kosher.  The base of the issue is that gelatin is not always made the same way and from the same products.  The bulk of the gelatin on the market and used in food production is made from the bones of cattle.  Gelatin made in […]

Kosher Gift Baskets – A Great Gift Any Time of Year

Kosher is a way of eating that involves food prepared in a cruelty free way and pure way.  It is a method of food preparation that insures no contamination and only uses ingredients from plants and animals that are certified kosher.  The term kosher is a term that originated in the very early days of […]

Kosher Market – Where Eating Kosher Gets Easier

For people that practice Orthodox Judaism eating kosher is a way of life and that is the religion that is responsible for kosher certifications.  Many people are surprised that while the term kosher is Jewish, it is practiced by a surprising number of non Jews.  Members of the Church of Latter Day Saints have many […]

Kosher Meat – Why Eat Kosher?

People eat kosher meat for a lot of different reasons.  If you are Jewish chances are you ate kosher at certain holidays or at certain family members.  As a child you might not have even thought about what kosher meant, it was just a term that you heard your relatives use.  In fact, the word […]

Kosher Meats – What is Kosher and Why?

There is a wide range of meat producing animals that are considered kosher.  In the most basic interpretation an animal is kosher if it is cloven hoofed and chews its cud.  That would mean that cows, deer, and goats are all candidates to produce kosher meats.  It also means that some cloven hoofed animals such […]

Arthur Schwartz’s Jewish Home Cooking: Yiddish Recipes Revisited

Arthur Schwartz, Ben Fink Publisher: Ten Speed Press Arthur Schwartz knows how Jewish food warms the heart and delights the soul, whether it’s talking about it, shopping for it, cooking it, or, above all, eating it. JEWISH HOME COOKING presents authentic yet contemporary versions of traditional Ashkenazi foods-rugulach, matzoh brei, challah, brisket, and even challenging […]

Going Kosher In 30 Days!

Rabbi Zalman Goldstein Publisher: The Jewish Learning Group Kosher is in. And going kosher has just become easier than ever before! “GOING KOSHER IN 30 DAYS” will teach the simply curious and those seriously considering going kosher all the whys and hows of kosher. Over eleven million people will buy kosher food this year, and […]